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I'm Derek McFadden, and I'm

here to edit for you.

"Derek catches the little details and mistakes." 


Guy Bergstrom

 "...I highly recommend his exceptional skills as an editor. He has a gift." 


Sandra Montanino 

"Derek... helped me to achieve my dream of becoming an award-winning published author. "


Bradley Harper, Author of The Queen's Gambit

            First and foremost, I am not about changing your voice or the way you write. Your style and your voice together make you a unique writer and artist. I am about tightening your prose (or poetry) and streamlining your writing. We want what you want to say to get said.


I am both a line-editor and a developmental editor. The way I work is to first read what you send my way. I will line-edit it (in the margins only; I recognize your writing is your writing, and you’re not going to agree with every one of my suggestions.). Then I will send the document back for you to incorporate the changes you like. It is at this point that we may chat about what possible developmental fixes might be needed.

Once we determine what needs to be done developmentally with your story, I will do all I can on my end to assist in this process. The key, though: this is your work. The heavy-lifting at that point is yours. I am at your side to assist.

How I Work As An Editor
My Skills:
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